Choose a professional freelance designer for your website

Now that you’ve decided you’re ready to build a website for your business, how to do it is the concern. It seems like these days, anyone from a 14-year-old child to a 70-year-old works as freelancers to create website design.

Many people would inform you that you can also create the platform yourself and use some inexpensive coding program to become a freelancer. However, is this the way you really want to go?

Don’t cut corners when it comes to design. If you want your website to look good, hire a professional freelance web designer.

Hire a Pro freelancer for Your Website Design

You should try recruiting a competent freelance website designer or website design company in order to get a professional-looking website. Consider the example of learning to play piano. You can select an informative book and easily learn to play a few chords with a little trial-and-error. Yet you need a great deal of experience and wisdom, practice, and talent to really create music.

It takes a great deal of knowledge on graphic design, the different kinds of web design tools, programming and coding languages and software, and internet marketing expertise to build a quality website.

Furthermore, a good freelance website designer will know the specs of different browsers and computer platforms as well as how search engines spider through websites. Failure to make the correct choices on architecture or programming and you risk making an obsolete website.

Choosing Among Web Design Firms in Mumbai

How do you choose a web design firm or a professional freelance website designer? There are so many!

Mumbai city, where I live, we have hundreds of website design firms and freelance web designers even in a very trivial region of the city. Now just Imagine! How much web designers and freelancers would be across the 1.84 crore Mumbai population? You can finish counting stars, but not them! It can be overwhelming choosing the best web designer in Mumbai  for your needs.

A quality web designer should be able to create a website that is attractive, functional and able to grow along with your business.

Nothing, of course, suggests that you need to choose a Professional web designer right in your own town. You may use resources such as Skype and email to connect with someone in another city, state or country. 

Here then are the key factors to consider in choosing someone to design your website:

So when to choose a Web Design Company or Freelance Web Designer?

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Web Design Firm vs. Freelance Web Designer – Do you simply need your website designed or will you also need assistance with copywriting the content, marketing your website and website hosting?

A freelance website designer or a freelance graphic designer can satisfy the design angle, but you may need a larger, more sophisticated web design firm to meet all the criteria.

Coding – Coding and website development are substitute for programming. Some web designers, particularly if they use a well-known platform such as WordPress, are proficient in coding the sites they create. Freelancers, however, can rely on a different programmer to enforce their design.

Make sure to get clarity on the skills and duties of your web designer. You’ll probably want to know whether you need to get involved with another vendor, a programmer, and whether that means incurring more costs.

Credentials – Does the web designer have professional qualifications  or certifications in graphic design, web design?

Experience – How long has the web design company  or Freelancer been creating websites for business in Mumbai? Have a look at the architecture of their own website and the other designed pages. Do the text and colors look balanced?  Do the links actually work? Does the web page load up quickly? Is it easy to navigate? Will they have a pulsating look on all the pages?

StyleWeb Designers have a personality of their own. You’ll want to pick a Web designer  in Mumbai  whose style you appreciate, because art is in the eye of the beholder. To find out if the websites they have created for others, and even companies not in your industry, seem interesting to you, check out their portfolio.

Every web designer has his or her own style. Align yourself with someone who’s work you like.

Testimonials – Ask the Freelance web designer’s clients for referrals. Perhaps a list of these clients’ testimonials is readily available. If not, inquire for contact details and then call a couple of clients based in Mumbai . Skinny, good or evil, they’ll teach you about the website designer.

You can also Google the web designer’s name in Mumbai  to see if any reviews have been posted online.

Technology – You want someone who understands the web design framework and terminology that you use to make your website as operational as it is enticing.

Make sure your developer is familiar with them and has the requisite programming tools if you choose to use modern technology on your platform, such as database integration or e-commerce capability.

SEO – Search engine optimization is a necessity if you want your site to appear on Google. Your web designer from Mumbai should know SEO best practices to be able to make your site search engine-friendly.

Mobile Friendly – It is possible that many individuals will access your website on their mobile or tablet. You want to collaborate with a web designer who knows how to make the site intuitive, which ensures that on any device and any screen size it can be displayed properly.

If your site is not responsive, Google may not rank it as high, as mobile friendliness is one of the factors it considers in displaying search results.

Services – Be confident that all the services you need are provided by the website design company or  Web design and development freelancer you choose. Among the questions you’re going to want to ask: Will they help you get a domain name? Would hosting be handled? Will they provide the site’s users with a form reply page for queries? After it’s been built, will you be able to upgrade your website and add content yourself or will you rely on them?

Copywriting – Web designers are not copywriters. They’re artists. They rarely write the content that goes on the websites they design. However, they may be able to assist by providing a recommendation for a copywriter they’ve worked with in the past.

Pricing – Web development costs vary from freelancer to freelancer in Mumbai. Before calling on web designers, aim to create an outline on your own, or you would have trouble obtaining quotes that help you to equate apples to apples.

As this is typically a monthly charge, make sure to figure the cost of hosting within your overall budget.

That is, you wouldn’t want to save a little on your website’s design only to spend much more over time in monthly hosting fees.

Establish an ongoing relationship with your web designer. As your business grows and changes, so should your website.

Payment Terms – Of course, every company and freelancer is different. However, my experience has been that most web designers demand at least partial payment (usually 50% of the total) up front before starting a project.

They will wait until you are completely satisfied with the final website design and it is online operating smoothly before billing you for the balance.

Ongoing Support – More so than any other kind of marketing medium, web pages need constant upgrading to be most effective. Support ensures that you know that if you wish to address a technological problem or make changes to your platform, you can call your website designer and get timely service at a rational price.

Wrapping up!

Think of your website designer as a partner in your business. The job he or she does could have a powerful effect on whether you are successful. Do your homework and select wisely; you will be pleased that you have done so.

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It’s a good idea to reach out to, correspond with and even interview several designers in your search to get a sense of how they work, how they communicate, and any ideas or recommendations they have for your project.

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