Welcome to the world of captivating online shopping experiences! I’m Priya Singhi, a passionate freelance eCommerce developer specializing in crafting design-rich eCommerce journeys that resonate with brands and captivate customers. With a proven track record of creating user-centric online stores, I take brands on an exciting journey toward higher conversions and lasting customer engagement.

Priya Singhi | Freelance Website Designer & Developer


Elevating User Experiences

Navigating an online store should be as intuitive as walking into a physical boutique. I specialize in responsive web development that ensures your store adapts seamlessly to all devices, guaranteeing a mobile-friendly shopping experience. With a keen eye for detail, I fine-tune each aspect of your site, from aesthetics to performance, for an unforgettable customer journey.

Designing Aesthetic Brand Universes

I believe that a visually appealing storefront is the gateway to building a powerful brand identity. From the first pixel to the final touch, I pour my creative energy into shaping online destinations that not only showcase products but also narrate compelling brand stories. Together, we’ll immerse your audience in an inviting world of color, imagery, and seamless navigation.

Unlocking Discoverability and Conversion Potential

Your store deserves the spotlight it needs to shine. Through SEO-optimized pages, I’ll enhance your online presence, making sure potential customers find you effortlessly. But it doesn’t stop there – my expertise extends to crafting engaging product displays, seamless checkout processes, and secure payment integrations, all geared toward boosting your conversion rates.

Beyond Launch: Your Partner in Success

Embarking on this eCommerce journey together means more than just a polished website. I’m here for the long run, ready to analyze data, implement A/B tests, and fine-tune strategies that make a real impact. Let’s adapt, learn, and evolve, ensuring your store remains at the forefront of industry trends and customer preferences.

Our E-Commerce Work


ECommerce, from 10 to 10,000+ products.

Reimagine retail experiences for a truly global market and connect customers with your brand.

We are professional in building our clients a fully-featured online shop, with a smooth, secure buying process and all the design and management options you need. we specialize in enhancing customer engagement with retail brands.

Your new online shop will be your number one salesman, so make sure it’s highly effective and built to convert.


Together, we’re not just building a website – we’re crafting a digital home for your dreams, your brand, and your success. Let’s make your e-commerce story an unforgettable one!

To start things off, we’ll sit down for a virtual coffee chat. I’m all ears to hear about your dreams and aspirations for your e-commerce venture. Tell me your story, your values, and your goals, so we can shape a website that’s uniquely yours.

Armed with your insights, I’ll put on my strategy hat. Together, we’ll map out the blueprint that will bring your website to life. We’ll plan out the virtual aisles, the design vibes, and the tech magic that’ll make your online store shine.

Here’s where your brand comes to life visually. I’ll meticulously design each pixel to reflect your personality and resonate with your audience. Expect a design that’s not just beautiful but a true representation of your brand essence.

Time for some behind-the-scenes wizardry. I’ll weave technology spells to make your website functional and user-friendly. Think smooth shopping carts, secure payments, and hassle-free inventory management – all designed to make your life easier.

Let’s sprinkle some storytelling magic on your website. We’ll collaborate to showcase your products with captivating content that speaks directly to your customers. And hey, I’ll make sure your website speaks the language of search engines too!

Before your website meets the world, I’ll put it through a meticulous series of tests. Every button, every link, every page – they’ll be scrutinized to ensure everything works seamlessly, providing your customers with a flawless experience.

It’s showtime! Your website takes its first steps into the digital universe. I’ll handle the technical bits, ensuring a smooth launch so you can proudly invite your customers to explore your online store.

Here comes the fun part – I’ll walk you through managing your website like a pro. We’ll have a one-on-one session where I’ll show you the ropes, from adding new products to handling orders. You’ll be in control!

Our journey doesn’t end with the launch. I’m here to offer ongoing support, whether it’s tech troubleshooting or growth strategies. Consider me your dedicated partner on this exciting e-commerce adventure.


Why choose me?

Tailored Expertise

As a dedicated freelance e-commerce developer, I offer specialized skills that are finely tuned to the nuances of creating exceptional online stores.

Tailored Expertise

Bespoke Solutions

Your business is unique, and so are my solutions. I craft customized e-commerce experiences that align with your brand’s identity and resonate with your target audience.

Bespoke Solutions

Design for Impact

My forte lies in designing e-commerce platforms that not only look stunning but also drive meaningful user engagement, setting the stage for a thriving online business.

Design for Impact

Technical Mastery

From intricate coding to seamless integrations, I navigate the technical complexities to ensure your e-commerce venture operates seamlessly and securely.

Technical Mastery

Conversion Focus

My strategies are finely tuned to maximize conversions. Through meticulous design and user experience enhancements, I steer visitors towards becoming loyal customers.

Conversion Focus

Collaborative Partnership

Choosing my freelance e-commerce development services means forging a collaborative partnership. I value your insights and actively involving you in the process of shaping an e-commerce platform that truly reflects your vision and goals.

Collaborative Partnership

💌 Let’s Collaborate

Priya Singhi | Freelance Website Designer & Developer

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established brand, I’m excited to join forces and turn your eCommerce dreams into reality. Together, we’ll create an online shopping haven that draws customers in, tells your unique story, and ultimately drives higher conversions.

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