Shopify and GlowRoad: How to start a dropshipping business in India

Ever thought of how to earn money from home?

With more time at hand now due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the emergence of a new normal, we’re all exploring ways to earn from home. While some have taken a setback on the professional front, others just want to make the most of the time available to them.

Starting an online store has been one of the most success-proven ways to remain productive, and at the same time, earn from home. That’s why Shopify is partnering with GlowRoad to enable dropshipping in India and equip merchants to become more successful.

What is GlowRoad?

GlowRoad is a reseller platform and app in India that is providing millions of individuals including housewives and graduate students an opportunity to earn from home by starting their own online business. All they need to do is sign up on the platform as a reseller, choose the products they want to sell or think can sell, and submit their interest to the supplier.

Once the supplier reviews and accepts your request, the next step is for you to start promoting those products in your network over chat apps like WhatsApp or social media platforms like Facebook.

If someone places an order via the shared link, GlowRoad takes care of delivering the product collecting the money, and submitting the profits in your bank account. Simply put, the reseller gets to earn from home based on the number of sales they make for products sourced from suppliers, via their own channels.

To further enhance this business model, Shopify is stepping in to enable the resellers to start an online store and grow their drop shipping business using a robust eCommerce platform where the products they sell will become more discoverable, leading to more sales.

But at the same time, here’s what this partnership also does for other Shopify merchants in India who are running a dropshipping business – they get access to locally available products that they can add to their store from the suppliers registered on GlowRoad.

How does GlowRoad benefit the dropshipping business in India on Shopify?

With the need to earn from home increasing by the day, dropshipping is one of the most popular business models we’re seeing on Shopify.

The business model does not require one to keep products in stock. Instead, here, the store sells the product and passes on the sales order to the supplier. It is the supplier then who is responsible for shipping this order to the customer, and the overall order fulfilment experience.

Simply put, you get to start an online store and earn from home, all without having to risk stocking up on inventory of products. Or for that matter, even worrying about the logistics and order fulfilment.

So far, Shopify merchants running on the dropshipping model in India relied on suppliers from other countries. While reselling products from these suppliers was easier before, the new normal has slowed things down in terms of the availability of products as well as the efficiency of order fulfilment from the supplier’s end. As a result, this has resulted in Shopify stores in India having lesser stock available on their stores, leading to a dip in sales for their dropshipping business.

With GlowRoad, Shopify wants to address this issue and make online retail businesses less dependent on external factors, by giving them access to Indian suppliers.

Introducing their app on Shopify, GlowRoad will be taking the lead on expanding the dropshipping business in India. Online retailers running on the dropshipping model, will simply need to add the GlowRoad Shopify app to their store, to get access to suppliers who are selling products across different categories – fashion and apparel, jewellery, healthcare, pet supplies, local goods and more.

glowroad dropshipping shopify india

Benefits of using GlowRoad to start a dropshipping business in India

  • Access to more products
  • Lesser supply chain delays
  • Lesser logistics issues
  • Faster order fulfilment
  • Support for local brands and suppliers
  • Ability to offer cash on delivery (COD) to shoppers

TLDR; faster business growth and more revenue.

But this isn’t a one-sided affair. Here’s how the Shopify and GlowRoad partnership will benefit retailers who have been using their reselling platform to run a dropshipping business.

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How does Shopify benefit the dropshipping businesses being run on GlowRoad?

So far, those who want to earn from home and start an online business, have signed up as resellers on GlowRoad. They then take a look at what kind of suppliers are wanting to sell their products to resellers.

Choosing the products they want to sell, the reseller then shares the link to purchase those products with their network. They do so by sharing this link on their social media channels, profiles or even chat apps. Most begin their online business by promoting the product links amongst their friends and family.

With the Shopify partnership, these resellers will be able to start an online store for their business. This will make it easier for their business to get discovered by a larger audience, equip them with an online presence they can market digitally beyond their own network and also make it easier for their target audience to explore more products from the range they have.

Benefits of using Shopify to grow your GlowRoad dropshipping business in India 

  • Easy online store setup
  • Access to 4,400+ apps to enhance the shopping experience for customers
  • Better marketing and product promotions
  • Easy online payment setup
  • Easy order fulfilment tracking
  • Access to customer data to boost engagement and retention

TLDR; faster business growth and more revenue.

Yes, the goal of the Shopify and GlowRoad partnership is to help those who want to start an online business and earn from home, and also equip those stores running on dropshipping models to grow without bounds.

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Whether you’ve been in the dropshipping business for some time now or want to start exploring the industry by starting an online store, Shopify and GlowRoad are here to equip you with everything you need.

Right from setting up an online store to finding products that you’d like to sell, and a guarantee from verified suppliers to be able to fulfil orders in a timely manner, this partnership has it all lined up for you.

Already have a dropshipping business and want to expand the range of products available in your store? Install the GlowRoad app on your store today.