Website design and development for power company

The Project:

Kalpana’s Transformers are designed for customers’ specific requirements. High levels of experience and expertise in transformer design and regular investment in research and development have enabled KALPANA’S to ensure excellence and competitiveness in quality, performance, price, and delivery. A wide range of Transformers is tested and validated by authorized testing laboratories.


Our main focus was to revamp the whole website and make it simpler for the audience. That meant creating a platform that was at least as appealing as anything advertised by the competition. On top of that, it had to be focused on usability, maximum engagement, and top-notch customization.


We depicted the client’s vision of power solutions and how it is having an impact on the environment, so as the art of bigger objectives we started the page environment imagery. Moving clouds, to make a bigger statement.

With the company vision to be present as young, dynamic, energic, and next generation power solutions, we used unsymmetric grids, big and bold, images. Modern typography. along with an easy, friendly, and opposable color palette, which depicts the Green initiative and power thing together.

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