R.K’S Aroma Case Study

About the client:

Recognized for its authentic and 100 % pure essential oils, Emerge Digital had the opportunity to work with the industry-leading aromatherapy brand R.K’s Aroma.
R.K’s Aroma is a heritage brand known for formulating the highest qualities of skincare, hair care and body care products infused with essential oils. R.K’s Aroma is a reputed brand that is loved for its vegan, natural, toxic-free and cruelty-free products.

The Problem:

R.K’s Aroma has a wide range of offerings that provides true value to its users. However, previously the brand did not have a website that translated and communicated its beauty, value and offerings adequately. The website lacked proper architecture and a layout. It was slow to load, the elements were not united and did not give visual guidance to visitors. The website did not effectively communicate the offerings, brand values, star products and message. The lack of clarity in the layout made it difficult to locate information. There was significant room for improvement in visual storytelling and imagery as well.

This is where Emerge Digital stepped in to create a gorgeous website.

The Solution:

Providing quality and high standards of work is one of the core values of Emerge Digital. It is our culture and way of work. Abiding in our values, we listened and thoroughly understood the requirements of the brand. With a blend of our experience, expertise and insights, we delivered a stunning website for R.K’s Aroma that had a high functionality, an enhanced performance, a wonderful design and a brand language. We developed a beautiful and seamless website that would create conversions and make the customers fall in love with the brand.


Research & Strategy

Our thorough research and study were reflected in the minute details of the website. Our team undertook a detailed study and engaged in multiple brainstorming sessions to create seamless navigation, structured communication, a strategized layout and brilliant site architecture. Our research and strategy translated into a highly functional and stellar website.

Website Building:

We gave the website a well-structured site architecture. We enhanced the navigation and developed user flows that boosted the performance of every page of their site. We mapped out the site in a way that users could easily find the information they wanted. All the products were beautifully presented on the site, similar to a well-structured and designed retail store. Users could find products as per categories and even as per their concerns. Filters, designated places for sales offers, descriptions, values, and testimonials were added. We gave the website the power to hold multiple images, videos, and content without affecting its performance and speed.

We built our client’s new website on Shopify. This new website not only met but delivered beyond the basic requirements of a skincare website.

Power of Visual Identity:

It is the visuals of a brand that attract, entice and sell. We empowered R.K’s Aroma with beautiful visual storytelling. The colors, fonts, layout, icons, images, videos and all the other graphics came together beautifully as one united story. We equipped the website with the power of videos such that it draws the attention of visitors. This essential oil and skincare brand now visually communicates its richness and quality.

End Result:

The three months of our efforts resulted in a dynamic, seamless, well-integrated, high-performing website for R.K’s Aroma that is exquisite, beautiful, rich and lovely to look at.

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