Email Marketing Services

Today, almost everyone has access to emails and it serves as a great platform to connect with customers. Email marketing is the most crucial internet marketing tool. Whether used for promotional activities or for circulating newsletters or inviting people to your business, email remains the choice for communication.

Our Services

Promotional Emails

Shooting promotional emails to promote business, services or products becomes easy with our innovative ideas, extensive planning and high open and conversion rates.

Bulk Emails

Bulk emails are considered to be the most effective way to sell products and services online. We have a great email delivery system to send out bulk emails, which is spam free. We have a variety of databases to meet your target audience.

Automated emails

The best email marketing is timely. Our automated workflow enables you to preset the details of your email campaign. The emails are then sent automatically, making it a hassle free process.

Special features of our Email Marketing services

 Creating innovative ideas for targetted users
 Creating and managing lists of emails and contacts
 Unique and crispy email subject lines and body content
 Dynamic and interactive emails
 Tracking and monitoring the responses

  Superior technology and maximum ROI
  Reporting and analytics
  SPAM free and responsive
  Timely delivery of emails
  Affordable and customized packages